Friday Follies: 2.37

Being “sequaciously servile” results in $110,000 sanction for bankruptcy lawyer.

This (and the proliferation of “reality” TV) is why I don’t own a gun.

Gee, occifer, the reason I be driving now after just one beer is that I was following the guy who knows where the Easter Bunny is. Or maybe he thought he could be in a Harvey remake. (via)

Two arrested after spending six years charging man $6 million to repair computer hard drive. (via)

Not the way to start your legal career: undergoing a psychiatric evaluation for stealing and shredding the official case file in pending murder case.

Government warning signs you wouldn’t think necessary: do not drink out of the urinals or toilets. (via)

Burglar doesn’t remember how mouse got in his rectum. (via)

Justice?—You get justice in the next world, in this world you have the law.

William Gaddis, A Frolic of His Own

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