Friday Follies 3.3

Some things you just can’t make up: “The Louisiana Supreme Court has ordered the permanent disbarment of an attorney who, among other things, brought a sixteen year old “assistant” into the Bunkie Detention Center to perform oral sex on two incarcerated clients while the attorney captured the encounter on videotape. The reason? He said he needed semen samples to overturn their convictions and achieve their immediate release (from jail).”

Lawyer Says Dropping His Pants Was Educational Rather than Sexual

The National Lampoon takes control of a Swiss village’s dog tax law: “Regarding taxes on dogs, the authority plans, failing to quickly obtain the settlement of arrears, to demand the slaughter of animals whose taxes are not paid at the expense of their owners[.]”

In an unrelated dog development, druggies break into house — to snort dog ashes.

I sort of wonder about the phrasing in an opinion suspending a Wisconsin attorney, which said “stress alone should not cause an attorney to be repeatedly untruthful.” So are there acceptable causes for an attorney repeatedly lying? (I know, I know, it opens the door to a whole raft of comments and jokes but….)

“A golfer whose right arm was ripped off and eaten by a 10-foot alligator says he never would have tried to play a shot near the water hazard if the course had warned him there were alligators about.”

Stupid legal threat of the young century. And when you make such a stupid threat, you get fired.

Matt Taibbi suggests we create the Supreme Court of Assholedom.

Theatergoer Says Clown Attacked Him

Like my daddy used to say, if worst comes to worst, we’re screwed.

Steven Wright, When the Leaves Blow Away

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