Friday Follies 3.5

At least this guy deserves an “A” for being innovative: A UK immigration officer put his wife on a no-fly list while she was visiting the in-laws overseas, keeping her away from home for three years. (via)

At the other end of the innovation spectrum is the Brit who told the judge, “My brain ended up being an idiot.” And, as in most cases where someone’s an idiot or their brain is, alcohol was involved

It probably lacks decorum to chuckle at laws proposed in societies with which we aren’t familiar. But, still, a person has to shake their head when hearing that Malawi may outlaw farting and pretending to be a fortune teller. Notice it isn’t being a fortune teller that’s viewed as a scam. It’s pretending to be a scam that’s a scam. (via)

Meanwhile. an India court has declared that astrology is a science.

Less esoteric, China is considering a law that would require adult children to regularly visit their elderly parents at the risk of being used if they do not.

While some South Dakota asshats legislators want to require everyone to buy a gun, a Maine legislator has a narrower focus, allowing one-armed people to carry switchblades.

Alabama attorney brings class-action lawsuit over a Jimmy Carter book.

Claiming the boy is a “miracle child” conceived when the 14-year-old victim impregnated herself with his semen using an eyedropper, a convicted rapist was denied parental rights to the son produced from the rape.

I’m sure many will be happy to learn that free Internet porn isn’t unfair competition to pay sites.

When the operator of a motor vehicle yells “jackass” at a pedestrian, the jackassedness of the former has been proved but, at that point, it is only an allegation as against the latter.

Bruni v. Bruni, 2010 ONSC 6568 (Nov. 29, 2010)

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