Friday Follies 3.6

A Florida appeals court has set aside part of a jury award to family members against their brother for not obtaining their consent before dismembering their death mother, burning her body in a barrel and scattering the ashes on the family farm. I’m guessing he’s the one that puts the “fun” into dysfunctional family:

Elsewhere in Florida dysfunctional family news, a man’s insanity defense claims in part that a “combination of Red Bull and exhaustion” led him to kill his father.

Lesson No. 1: If You Get Disbarred, Stop Practicing Law

It’s nice to know that attending a sporing event does not mean you have assumed the risk of being struck in the face with a foil-wrapped hot dog. (I wonder if that’s why I no longer see hot dog launchers at some sporting events.)

A widow has sued Allstate claiming her husband’s bosses harassed him to the extent he committed suicide — and then an Allstate employee entered his room “while still he was still hanging, and confiscated the company-issued laptop computer.

Parties are not shy about splattering their spleens through cyberspace.

Bruni v. Bruni, 2010 ONSC 6568 (Nov. 29, 2010)

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