Book Review: The Gospel of Anarchy by Justin Taylor

Young adulthood is often a search for both self and meaning. As such it is prime ground for literary exploration. Yet while Justin Taylor’s The Gospel of Anarchy gives a somewhat different take on the subject it’s an exploration that falls short.

The story is built around David’s search for self, which brings him into […]

Weekend Edition: 2-5

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Two years later and Stephenie Meyer still sucks

Worthwhile Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Mourning a husband who has not yet passed (“…when the brain dies and leaves the body intact, there is no end.”) (via)

The Matter of Memories: The Book as an Object of Desire (“I, too, […]

Friday Follies 3.5

At least this guy deserves an “A” for being innovative: A UK immigration officer put his wife on a no-fly list while she was visiting the in-laws overseas, keeping her away from home for three years. (via)

At the other end of the innovation spectrum is the Brit who told the judge, “My brain ended […]

Book Review: My Dead Dad Was in ZZ Top by Jon Glaser

Although many may consider it a less important symbol than the dollar sign, never underestimate the power of the asterisk. Jon Glaser certainly doesn’t.

After being estranged for years, Glaser was going through his father’s belongings following his death when he stumbled across rock and roll history.* He learned his father was a member of […]

February Bibliolust

The length of this month’s list may be a bit deceptive. Actually, some of this month’s lust is already in my hands while more a bit down the road or somewhat nonspecific. Melville House’s announcement of The Neversink Library has me drooling but none of those books come out until summer. The longlist for the […]