Friday Follies 3.8

Massachusetts woman awarded workers’ compensation benefits for workplace harassment that included telling her she would get health insurance only if she agreed to wear a chicken head mask.

A California woman convicted of forging drug prescriptions showed up at her sentencing hearing with a note from her doctor that was … wait for it .. forged. (via).

Terrorist or “a kind of Forrest Gump in the war against al Qaeda“?

Virginia judge sues newspaper for defamation — for article on defamation trial the newspaper lost in the judge’s court.

President Receives Transparency Award in Closed Meeting

It is not a good sign for a lawyer when the appeals court decision in your case says you are “a menace to [your] clients and a scofflaw.”

A Florida man on trial for rape was ordered to wear a spit guard for the balance of trial after “spitting on his own attorney after a discussion about his legal rights.”

Excuse me, sir, but you may have a problem (in more ways than one): Man Brings Beer to DWI Court Appearance (via)

Justice limps along, but it gets there all the same.

Gabriel García Márquez, In Evil Hour

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