Friday Follies 3.11

What???? People get upset if you come up with a list of The 10 Hottest Women on the Texas Sex Offenders List??? I can’t imagine anyone would think a list of “attractive” child rapists might rile up a few people.

Ummm, is this proper excoriation? Judge tells calls man convicted of sexually assaulting boys, “I think you were born gayer than a sweet-smelling jockstrap.”

A Tennessee high school teacher charged with having sex with two students described her relationship status on Facebook as as “complicated”. This is how she described her job: “Teaching high school students what not to do or how to do it without getting caught. :-)” Evidently, she herself was not proficient in “without getting caught.” (via)

A homeless, convicted sex molester was arrested by Albuquerque police for failing to notify them he had moved from a dumpster to a homeless shelter. (via)

Evidently, high schoolers in Stuart, Fla., are too old or sophisticated to steal lunch money. They formed a counterfeiting ring and used the fake money to buy school lunches.

A Mississippi appeals court reversed a $130,000 award to a woman who claimed she was injured while fleeing a four-pound Dachshund puppy.

A man injured while riding at ATV at a now-defunct amusement park has been awarded ownership of the park. (via)

The court cannot determine the substance, if any, of the Defendant’s legal argument, nor can the court even ascertain the relief that the Defendant is requesting. The Defendant’s motion is accordingly denied for being incomprehensible.

In re King (Feb. 21, 2006)

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