Tech and different TBR conspire

It was one of those weeks it seems like.

When a couple books showed up at the door early in the week, the realization sunk in that there’s a lot of books in my other TBR pile — the “to be reviewed” stack. By my count, I have at least six books to review that either have been released or will hit the stores by August 17. In terms of reading, that’s doable at basically two books a week. Still, as I’ve noted before, review reading is different from “normal” reading for me and it takes time afterwards to write the reviews. Of course, it didn’t stop me from picking up two books at the used book store during a Saturday trip there

Then, of course, when I turned on my home desktop computer last Monday evening, there was what the computer world likes to call a fatal operating system error message. In English, the machine would not boot up. Thus, I spent several hours each night trying to get it back to where it was (and save years of tax and financial records). While I succeeded for the most part, the only reading I got done those nights came while updates for the original operating system were downloading and installing and I was restarting the computer (far too many times than I care to count). Doesn’t do a great deal for one’s concentration or even tracking a story.

Yes, woe is me. I avoided a computer disaster and have too many books to read. If that’s what I have to complain about, life is pretty good.

If you break your neck, if you have nothing to eat, if your house is on fire — then you got a problem. Everything else is inconvenience.

Robert Fulghum, Uh-Oh

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