Friday Follies 3.15

It still is not a good thing when, rather than hold a hearing on sanctions, a judge says he “assumes [an attorney] is as incompetent as he appears.” (via)

A Maine school district is not liable for damage caused when four members of its wrestling team converted a motel room into a makeshift sauna to help a teammate “make weight” for a wrestling match.

A Kentucky man lost his medical malpractice suit over the amputation of his penis without consent. (In fairness, his penis was found to have cancer during a circumcision operation.)

Mistrial results from juror’s desire to punch defense attorney (I’d lay pretty good odds this is far from the only juror who wanted to punch an attorney or two during a trial.)

Claiming it owns the word, the U.S. Olympic Committee has issued a formal letter of its intent to sue the “Redneck Olympics” over use of the word “Olympic.”

Four federal courts of appeals have now ruled that a criminal defendant is presumed prejudiced only when his or her attorney sleeps through a “substantial portion” of the trial.

I don’t think this is what the term a designated driver means.

John Stamos to star in new TV series as — wait for it …. part of “a law firm on earth composed of other dead lawyers.”

We hate to interrupt
But it’s against the law to jump off this bridge
You’ll just have to kill yourself somewhere else

Dead Kennedys, “Soup Is Good Food,” Frankenchrist

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