Friday Follies 3.16

Having spent my fair share of time in them, I can’t say the holdings of law libraries are such that they would encourage a person to do this.

A mistrial was declared last week in the sex-trafficking prosecution of a massage parlor owner when an employee who testified for the prosecution recognized the defense lawyer as a client.

A class action sex discrimination lawsuit has been filed after men were charged $44 to attend the Exxxotica Expo in Los Angeles but women were admitted free because it “caused discontent, animosity, harm, resentment and envy among the sexes.”

A federal judge entered an order inviting two opposing attorneys to a “kindergarten party” for some “exciting and formative lessons” about discovery for those “unable to practice law at the level of a first year law student.” Somehow, it doesn’t seem a surprise that the lawyers then settled the case.

A Delaware state court judge evidently liked that approach, as she has entered an order requiring all attorneys in a lawsuit to attend “a ‘special’ emergency refresher course in first year ethics and civility” — over the Labor Day weekend.

The description “beer burka” seems entirely appropriate for a Utah law requiring bartenders in restaurants that serve beer to be shielded from public view when they open beer bottles or cans or pour it from a tap.

Instant karma’s gonna get you

John Lennon, “Instant Karma”

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