Friday Follies 3.17

A 290-pound stockbroker is suing White Castle because he could not fit in the booths at one of its restaurants in New York.

A law firm, of all places, reportedly threatened to fire an employee who was selected as a juror in a lengthy murder trial.

Tampa Bay Woman Arrested for Stripping at Club That Didn’t Employ Her (via)

As the imposition of nearly $16,000 in fines for unethical conduct didn’t seem to deter him, a federal appeals court has now suspended an Illinois lawyer indefinitely from practice in that circuit.

A Massachusetts woman has asked a judge to prevent the local newspaper from including her long criminal history in stories about her. (via)

San Francisco is considering legislation that would require those in the nude to place a towel or like item underneath them when they sit down and to cover up before entering a restaurant. (via)

Before putting his question, cross-examining counsel might well have taken counsel of Proverbs, 26, 27: ‘Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein; and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him.’

Tuttle v. Suznevich, 149 A.2d 888, 891 (Pa. 1958)

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