Friday Follies 3.20

Here’s some Christmas cheer for you. “A 44-year-old woman stole her 3-year-old grandson’s Christmas gifts and sold them for crack.” (via)

A man is suing a popular blog for defamation for publishing a “satirical” post with the headline: “Jersey City Pedophile Loses His $4 Million Lotto Ticket, Sues the Whole World.” Now why would anyone take offense at that headline?

Don’t: Use your legal brief to call someone a “mindless numbnut (who) would follow church orders with a vengeance.” (via)

It’s would be bad enough for a judge to tell you your motion is “improper” but when he says it is “harebrained” you probably aren’t going to win.

A Pennsylvania man was charged with disorderly conduct after putting a phony obituary in the local newspaper for his still-living mother in a bid for paid bereavement leave from work.

“…it is highly questionable whether attending law school is a legally cognizable injury, notwithstanding that the rigors of law school are well known and undoubtedly unpleasant to some extent.”

The 10 strangest naked crimes of 2011

Year-ending angry lawyer roundup

Public Records Dispute Leads to Lawsuit Seeking $1.25 in Damages

The judicial pecking order does not permit little peckers to overrule big peckers.

South Side Woodwork (1979) Ltd. v. R.C. Contracting Ltd. (Queen’s Bench, Alberta 1989)

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