Book Review: A Peace of My Mind by John Noltner

Peace is a popular term this time of year. You know, “Peace on Earth” and the like. But what does peace mean? Even dictionary definitions show it has varying meaning. Perspective is important. Do we view things externally as in there being no armed conflict, as an internal state of mind, or must both exist […]

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Don’t Support Your Local Bookseller (“There is little that’s ‘local’ about most local bookstores.”)

Best New Christmas Tradition

Layaway Secret Santas

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Use caution when using teeth to castrate lambs

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Books as gifts — in April

Anyone who is thinking about giving a book for a gift is thinking of Christmas. But four months from now is the perfect opportunity to give someone a book as World Book Night premiers in the U.S. on April 23, 2012. And now we know the 30 books that will be given away and the […]

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Apocalypse Soon (“It is easy to feel overwhelmed, confused, weary, and crushingly sad. In this context, the idea of the Apocalypse can be comforting.”) (via)

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Truly a lot of hoohah over nothing.

On writing and jazz

The Library of America starts offering e-versions of its […]

Book Review: My Friend Jesus Christ by Lars Husum

Seeking redemption, let alone finding it, can be a long and tortuous path. But what happens if Jesus Christ — or at least a man claiming to be Jesus Christ — is making suggestions here and there? That’s the road on which Nikolaj Jensen is set in Danish writer Lars Husum’s first novel, My Friend […]