Fighting the urge

Remember my “nonresolution” to read what I want when I feel like it? Given that I posted it just 10 days ago, temptation has already reared its head. It sneakily arrived in the mailbox.

When I got home last night there were two catalogs from a major publishing house of forthcoming books on a number of its imprints. Talk about baiting the trap. I was proud of myself, though. Because requesting review copies pretty much dictates not only that I have to read a book but when, I tried to adhere to my nonresolution. It means, of course, that five books have been added to my library reserve list or my Amazon/B&N wishlists. And that was from just one catalog.

I still haven’t decided if I’m going to request review copies from the other catalog but those books come out later in the year, giving me time to ponder. This way if I want to read one of those five added books I can — when I want. It also means there isn’t the concomitant obligation to write a review, a process that takes time. It doesn’t mean none of the books will be reviewed, just that I may have more time to read what I want when I want.

I make no promises or forecasts for how long I can behave in like fashion with other offers.

Those who flee temptation generally leave a forwarding address.

Lane Olinghouse

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