So we’ve got a POV

I figured some other South Dakota blogger might jump on this. As no one appears to be so inclined, I’ll bite.

Seems like we South Dakotans like our point of view in more ways than one. “POV” is the top porn search term in the state, at least in visits to a website called PornHub. “POV,” you see, is “a style of pornography in which the person holding the camera is one of the actors.” Perhaps more interesting is that while “POV” shows up in the top three for a number of states, we are the only one where it is #1.

The results of the survey are in a great graphic created by Tableau Software. What else are we interested in — or at least those who like to visit that particular porn site? “MILF” is second while “teen” is third. Seems we want both sides of the spectrum if we’re talking about sex instead of politics.

Wyoming is perhaps the oddest of our neighboring states. Its top search term is “smoking.” In Iowa and Minnesota it’s “college.” In North Dakota and Nebraska it’s “creampie,” “a genre of pornography that features ejaculation inside the man’s sexual partner.”

One other thing the survey shows is that South Dakotans spent an average of 10:29 on visits to PornHub. That compares to a national average of 10:51. Mississippi topped the list at 11:59 while Rhode Islanders clocked in at 10 minutes exactly. I’ll leave it to others’ imagination on why there’s such a relatively narrow time range.

Supreme Court says pornography is anything without artistic merit that causes sexual thought… Hmm. Sounds like every commercial on television, doesn’t it?

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