How I prepare for winter

Maybe it’s an unconscious mental reaction to the days getting shorter. Maybe it’s like squirrels gathering nuts. Or maybe it’s just a bibliophile’s version of binge eating. Whatever it is, I’ve been on a bender buying books preparing for winter.

Here’s a glimpse of just the last three weeks. I checked out 10 books from […]

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Happy birthday to me

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Reading Needs Writing! (“The failure to adequately teach writing is actually making the achievement of reading more difficult.”)

Of lickspittles and playground bullies (“Equal opportunity in politics means dummying down the electorate so that it creates a constituency of idiots who can […]

Who in the world is happy?

Last year,a U.N. meeting chaired by Prime Minister of Bhutan, whose country has a “Gross National Happiness Commission,” released the first report seeking to measure happiness in the world. This week it released the 2013 World Happiness Report. The United States didn’t crack the top 10.

First, how do you measure happiness? The researchers considered […]

11 years old

On the 10th anniversary of this blog a year ago, I observed: “In blog years I’m dead.” Add one more year of decomposition.

More than ever I struggle with whether to simply abandon this. About the time I’m convinced I should, something comes up that I want to post about — although most of it […]

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The South Dakota Festival of Books has launched its own app

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Mind-Porn: Why Bad Reading is Bad For You (“These popular novels don’t necessarily encourage a healthy, critical mind. Just like porn, they temporarily satiate our restless minds until we develop a need for a new fix.”) […]