Weekend Edition: 5-10

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Now That Books Mean Nothing (“As much as I may want (or have wanted) it to be so, books haven’t been a sufficient comfort or diversion as I prepared to lose my boobs, then lost them, and began trying to adjust to their absence from my body.”)

What […]

Justice Clarence Thomas still pushing state theocracy

This week’s Supreme Court decision on prayer before municipal meetings wasn’t really that surprising. Particularly given the make-up of the Court, it’s a fairly narrow decision that is based in large part on its particular facts. Yet while it got plenty of attention, one thing that went largely unmentioned is something I blogged about in […]

Weekend Edition: 5-3

Bulletin Board

Happy birthday to my wife!

Today is also Free Comic Book Day

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubes

Preparing for War in Indianapolis: Inside the NRA Plot to Terrify America (“As long as Sig Sauer and Remington and Winchester are profiting, there can be no gun too lethal, no weapon too powerful, […]