2014 books by the numbers

In evaluating my reading this year, a blanket would be a useful tool. One would cover virtually all the differences between my reading statistics last year and this. The only perhaps notable difference was that my fiction v. nonfiction statistics are almost exactly flipped from last year. For the second year in a row, two-thirds of the books I read were ebooks. I read six more books but my total pages increased by only 670. Here’s a breakdown of how the year shaped up. The statistics don’t include graphic novels (I read a handful) or audiobooks.

Books Read: 138

Pages Read: 42,231

  • Average Pages per Book: 306.02
  • Average Pages per Day: 116
  • Average Number of Days per Book: 2.64
  • Longest Book: 624 pages (The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell)
  • Shortest Book: 104 pages (Theodore Roosevelt, Lewis Gould)

Fiction: 75 (54 percent)

  • Translated Works: 22 (19 fiction and three nonfiction)
  • Languages: French (4), German (4), Arabic (2), Italian (2), Chinese (1), Czech (1), Danish (1), Dutch (1), Finnish (1), Hungarian (1), Japanese (1), Norwegian (1), Russian (1) and Swedish (1)
  • Science Fiction: 13
  • Short Story Collections: 4

Non-fiction: 63 (46 percent)

  • Autobiography/Memoirs: 8
  • Biography: 4
  • History: 14 (22 percent of nonfiction)

Ebooks Read: 91 (65.9 percent)

Library materials: 15 (only 10.8 percent) (includes ebooks)

Books astound me and change me. Books enlarge my life. Not all of them, of course. Some books suck. But there’s only one way to find out what a book has to offer: Read it.

Lauren Myracle, “I’m With The Banned

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