It’s Bookmas season

As my kids have told me for years, I’m a hard person to buy presents for. That’s in part due to my varying and often eclectic tastes. But a bigger reason is that for items that are probably $50 or less, I have no hesitancy in buying the things in which I’m most interested. That makes Christmas season dangerous.

booksIn ensuring I’m getting the “gifts” I want, I tend to binge a bit and doing virtually all my shopping online makes it a bit too easy. Not surprisingly, my greatest indulgence comes with books. The accompanying picture reflects the reading gifts to myself purchase on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. It’s probably typical, if not slightly below average.

The stack reflects a couple History Book Club sales and the balance came from a couple discount codes Amazon offered. While these will keep me occupied for a good chunk of the winter, I’m sure there will be some more online deals before Christmas arrives. Moreover, I haven’t been to the local B&N with the discount and gift cards I have.

I love Bookmas.

Books as physical objects matter to me … because i find their presence emotionally enriching.

Joe Queenan, One for the Books

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