Weekend Edition: 4-10

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Studies indicate “politicization of religious freedom has infiltrated every level of the federal judiciary“ I’m so happy to learn I was happiest almost 30 years ago Has the pandemic led to more demonic possession? But no one should be surprised that Zoom creates zombies

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I fully agree that, more than any […]

Loco Lawsuits: Untrustworthy Hostages

Audaciousness can occasionally be part of a criminal’s arsenal. Yet Jesse Dimmick’s brassiest act may have come while already serving a sentence for kidnapping.

Dimmick, a Denver area native, was one of two men sought in connection with a September 7, 2009, homicide in Aurora, Colo. Authorities arrested the other man but Dimmick remained at […]

An atheist’s Easter confession

I’ve been an avowed atheist for decades. I’ve always found the Bible and the story of Jesus incredible in the true sense of the word — not credible. Perhaps that accounts for some of the “D” grades I got in “Conduct” in Catholic school. But I have a confession to make, pun intended. Every year […]

Weekend Edition: 4-3

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Religion, Legitimacy, and Government in America, A Just-So Story (“How is it, then, that religious belief can be both foundational to American democracy and a profound threat to it?”) Dr. Seuss’s Mistakes Are the Least of Our Troubles (“of all the racist, sexist, classist things children are exposed to, […]