Weekend Edition: 6-12

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The Power of Restraint (“September 11 has become an anti-Fourth of July, commemorating the date after which a nation undeclared its union.”)

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Sub-literate congressman attempts to mock bestselling journalist, fails miserably

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When is it reasonable to choose ignorance? Fox News has blood […]

Waging legal war against search engines

Admit it. We’ve all done a vanity search. You know, when you type your name into a search engine and hit “Enter.” But, when Bev Stayart did, she didn’t like what turned up. So she sued?-?several times.

The Wisconsin woman filed her first lawsuit in federal court in 2009. Stayart alleged the search results for […]

Weekend Edition: 6-5

Interesting Reading in the Interweb Tubez

The Tyranny Of Time (“The clock, they say, does not measure time; it produces it.”)

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Gone just as quickly as it will be forgotten Seven states still (unconstitutionally) ban atheists from holding office Why Superman is better than Jesus “Infodemiologists” to battle scientific misinformation CSI’s tips to […]