Word of the year?

Oxford University Press USA, the publishers of the New Oxford American Dictionary has announced its word of the year: locavore. Either I am not green enough or trendy enough as I’ve never heard of the word. Locavores are those who try to buy locally grown ingredients and foot products.

Perhaps proving once again the failings […]

Apocalypse soon?

I’ll admit I’m not the best at spotting trends and certainly am not, in the words of Frank Zappa, a trend monger. But it strikes me the apocalypse is in and hot, at least what based on what my RSS reader showed me today.

First, I saw that BuzzFeed updated its December compilation of posts […]

Is this why I’m addicted to “Deadwood”?

From Frank Rich in the NYT:

[L]et me recommend the series that probably has more four-letter words, with or without participles, than any in TV history. That would be “Deadwood” on HBO. Its linguistic gait befits its chapter of American history, the story of a gold-rush mining camp in the Dakota Territory of the late […]