Accelerando online

As promised, Charles Stross has made his new book, Accelerando available in electronic format for free. It’s available via this website. He announced the e-book’s availability this morning in a post to a usenet newsgroup. After that, he had 4,000 downloads in the first four hours.

The newsgroup, devoted to discussion of written science fiction, […]

Accelerando to use Creative Commons license

Reportedly, the latest novel from Charles Stross is not only more of his somewhat unique approach to SF, it uses a different copyright approach. Accelerando is comprised of a short story sequence dealing with a couple generations of a family that gives away ideas for a living. In addition to normal book sales, Stross also […]

Google Print

Not quite sure how or when I missed this, but I discovered while working on the preceding post that Google Print is up and running in beta. I recall hearing about this project late last year but the fact the beta was actually up somehow escaped me.

The beta not only provides a variety of […]

Google, copyright and technology

Upon reflection, the announcement that Google is going to add books in major libarary collections to its database may not be as encouraging as it seems. The fact full text will be available only for those books old enough to no longer be under copyright shows once again the stuggle between our copyright laws and […]

Bootleg decision

Some of you may have read that last Friday a federal judge struck down a law banning the sale of bootlegs of live performances. I have plenty of bootlegs but the decision still leaves me with mixed feelings.

I don’t have a problem with concert bootlegs because they provide an opportunity to hear what may […]