A library story about an old, influential friend

It’s National Library Week so I would feel remiss if I didn’t do more than simply take note of it. The theme this year is “Create Your Own Story @ Your Library” but I’m actually going to go back to an old (and increasingly older) one.

This picture is of a place where a deep […]

Library dealing with reinvention curve

A couple unrelated national items last week drew my attention because they came on the heels of a local news item that I found impressive.

In a syndicated story, the LA Times looked at how libraries are “reinventing” themselves as they “struggle to stay relevant.” Although I believe libraries will always be relevant, they are […]

Banned Books Week: Reviewing a local challenge

For the first time since I’ve known of the map, you will find Sioux Falls on the map of book bans and challenges at the Banned Books Week website. The city’s appearance stems from a challenge to a book in the Sioux Falls School District last year, one begun, ironically, in the midst of last […]

Banned Books Week: Should some books be banned?

Although not written in connection with our Banned Books Week, the books columnists for The Independent raised an interesting question earlier this month in connection with something London libraries were doing: are there some books that public libraries shouldn’t carry?

Boyd Tonkin came up with a list of 10 books that could conceivably raise that […]

Library budget proposal troubling

I about fell out of my chair reading the local daily this morning. I knew the mayor had unveiled his 2011 budget but I was shocked when I read he was proposing cutting the library budget by 44 percent. Since I was still on my first cup of coffee, I decided to hold off on […]