Midweek Music Moment: Songs From an American Movie, Vol. 1: Learning to Smile, Everclear

I’m going to offer up another exhibit on RIAA’s shortsightedness on the original Napster. The first song or songs I heard from Everclear’s Songs From an American Movie, Vol. 1: Learning to Smile, released 10 years ago this week, were Napster downloads. I’d not heard anything by the band before I came across a couple […]

Midweek Music Moment: Complete Village Vanguard Recordings, 1961, Bill Evans Trio

Today’s music moment comes about only because of today’s news. The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings 1961, the outstanding performance by the Bill Evans Trio, is one of 25 new additions to the National Recording Registry.

In making the announcement, the Library of Congress said the five sets the trio performed on June 25, 1961, “are […]

Midweek Music Moment: A White Sport Coat and A Pink Crustacean, Jimmy Buffett

When the June 9, 1973, issue of Billboard magazine briefly reviewed Jimmy Buffett’s new release, it called it a “[g]ood soft rock collection.” Evidently, the reviewer didn’t get any clues from the album title or liner notes or pay any attention to the opening notes or other content of the album.

Okay, there might be […]

Midweek Music Moment: American Woman, The Guess Who

Even though I probably wasn’t aware of the routine yet, Abbott and Costello’s classic “Who’s On First?” reminds me of buying The Guess Who’s American Woman. I called my best friend on the phone after getting the album and the conversation went something like:

“I got the new album by The Guess Who.”


“The […]

Midweek Music Moment: Vehicle, The Ides of March

By the most common definition of the term, The Ides of March were a one hit wonder band. Forty years ago this week their song “Vehicle” broke onto the Billboard charts, where it would peak at number two in late May 1970. Never again would the band hit the top 40.

A popular Chicago-area group, […]