Favorite Film Friday: American Beauty

I’m modifying an idea I saw on a book blog recently — revisiting favorites from your past. While that concept was favorite books, mine is going to be favorite movies. These aren’t going to be reviews of the films, just a link or two to assembled opinion on the films and my thoughts about the […]

Lawyers on film

The cover story of the latest ABA Journal is the 25 Greatest Legal Movies. I’m not at all surprised at that top two but was very pleasantly surprised that My Cousin Viommy ws third. I never tire of this movie, which contains perhaps the most concise opening statement ever: “Everything that guy just said is […]

A touch of listmania

A while ago I discovered Lists of Bests, a site that is just what the name implies. It is a list of “bests,” whether by award or personal preference. Looking at it this weekend, I wondered if the fact I hadn’t read any of the National Book Critics Circle award winners this year was unusual. […]

Dystopian movies — and acknowledging reality

In light of my recent post about modern life and dystopias, the Dystopian Movie meme I found at SFSignal seemed timely. The rule is simply to put in bold the movies you’ve seen from the following list of top 50 dystopian movies.

Metropolis (1927) A Clockwork Orange (1971) Brazil (1985) Wings of Desire (1987) Blade […]

Movie literacy

I saw a reference on to an LA Times column in which film critic Jim Emerson listed 1030 movies a person should know, “at minimum, to be somewhat ‘movie-literate.’” I decided to see how “literate” I am. Movies I’ve seen are in bold, ones in my Netflix queue are underlined and those with no […]