Musing Mondays: Holiday reading

How does your reading (or your blogging) fare in the holiday months? Do you read more or less? Do you have to actively make time to read?

I generally get quite a bit of reading done over the holidays. During the Thanksgiving break, I finished a book I started earlier in the week, read […]

Musing Mondays: Book communing

Does your house have a communal bookshelf? If not, is your bookshelf centrally located so everyone has access to it?

Our house is a divided country when it comes to bookshelves. Actually, it’s more akin to bordering states than a civil war but we aren’t into communal shelving.

I have bookshelves in my office. […]

Musing Mondays: Music

Do you listen to music while reading? Does this change if you’re reading in or out of your house? Do you have a preference of music for such occasions?

I occasionally do but probably less than 25 percent of the time. Whether I do so out of the house depends on the setting. […]

Musing Mondays: Library Meme

Library Habits meme:

1. If you don’t frequent your local library, why not? 2. If you do visit the library, how often do you go? 3. Do you have a favorite section that you always head to first, or do you just randomly peruse the shelves? 4. How many books are you allowed to […]

Musing Mondays: Library companionship

Who, if anyone usually accompanies you to the library? Is it somewhere you go alone? Or is it a regular outing with family or friends? Which do you prefer?

A lot of my visits to the library tend to be stopping by just to pick up a book on reserve. If, however, I go […]