More blog thought on book reviewing

Seems that book reviewing “rules” and ideas are showing up in a variety of blog posts recently. Last weekend, Author Jeff VanderMeer, who also occasionally reviews books, weighed in with his thoughts on book reviewing as a whole (and lists some of the posts that prompted his thoughts). He lists eight things he tries to […]

Are they so deadly I should eschew them completely?

Prompting a bit of attention in the book blogosphere this week is a NY Times blog post on the Seven Deadly Words of Book Reviewing. At first glance, I thought it unlikely I had sinned by using the words (poignant, compelling, intriguing, eschew, craft, muse, lyrical). When I checked, though, I have committed a few […]

The ethics of book reviewing

The results of a National Book Critics Circle survey in which I participated are in. And evidently I am largely in step with contemporaries when it comes to issues in the “ethics” of book reviewing.

You can look at the full survey results but here’s a few highlights:

More than three-quarters of those surveyed (76.5%) […]

When the authors weigh in

It’s always interesting to see how people respond to criticism, constructive or otherwise. Some authors who feel stung publicly blast reviews of their work. Or you could be like Michael Crichton, who has set the book blogging world abuzz. Reportedly, his new book gives a child rapist with a small penis the same name as […]

The (fully tolerable) woes of book review bloggers

A couple of my regular stops in the blogosphere that also review books had some comments this past week I could plainly identify with.

Grumpy Old Bookman led off a post of short reviews acknowledging a problem similar to one of mine: “It has finally dawned on me that if I am ever to mention […]