Ramifications of the execution decision

Okay, everybody now knows Gov. Mike Rounds temporarily delayed Elijah Page’s execution because of concerns over the execution procedure. I will leave to political pundits the impact, if any, of that decision on his re-election bid and that of Attorney General Larry Long (who, given the ballot question decisions, doesn’t seem to be having a […]

Interesting quandry

Today’s court ruling setting South Dakota’s first execution in 59 years jsut two weeks from now could pose some interesting questions for the pro-life movement in South Dakota, particularly Catholics.

The court order allows Elijah Page to be executed at the South Dakota Penitentiary the week of August 28. Page pleaded guilty to the kidnapping […]

Abortion task force chairwoman speaks out

Via Coat Hangers at Dawn, I see one of the “pro-life” members of South Dakota’s Abortion Task Force is speaking out about what happened in the preparation of the Task Force’s report. (PDF file). You may recall that “pro-choice” members were so offended by it they walked out of the final meeting and submitted a […]

Those voting records just don’t go away

Plenty of state legislators have sought cover for the rejection of a rape and incest exception in the new abortion ban by pointing out the bill includes a provision allowing for use of so-called emergency contraceptives if administered prior to the time pregnancy could be determined. Yet their voting records indicate this is pretty weak […]

Abortion and J.A.I.L.

Somebody mentioned that there seems to be a number of political oriented posts appearing here lately despite my earlier vow to move this blog away from politics and toward things that actually add meaning to life. Perhaps it is rationalization but I don’t necessarily view the recent increase as inconsistent.

Why? Because as the father […]