Luring me to the dark side

A couple things are luring me over to the dark side — an e-book reader.

If you weren’t under a rock the last 24 hours, you know Barnes & Noble is releasing an e-reader, which Wired immediately said would cause Kindle owners “a giant dose of buyer’s remorse.” Now I’ve struggled over whether to get […]

No “hard and fast rule” but juror’s pre-trial Google search requires new trial

Although saying it was adopting “no hard and fast rule,” the South Dakota Supreme Court has upheld an order granting a new trial in a case where a juror did a Google search on a defendant two months before being called for jury duty and happened to mention the search during jury deliberations.

In Russo […]

Moon loses some of its shine

Given developments in technology and other issues confronting the world, no one should probably be surprised. Yet considering the state of technoogy when it occurred, it’s a shame that even in the last decade the moon landing has lost some its shine.

According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, fewer people today list space […]

Writing in the Internet age

I’m not a reader of the McSweeney publications but thankfully Blog of a Bookslut led me to an excellent piece posted last week by Robert Lanham. It’s a syllabus and course overview for a new English class, Writing for Nonreaders in the Postprint Era.

The piece is absolutely marvelous. I don’t want to spoil it […]

Professional bloggers overtaking professional bartenders

In what may be a commentary on the modern world, the state of the economy or both, a Wall Street Journal columnist believes more people make their living blogging than fighting fires.

Based on a review of a variety of sources, Mark Penn concluded that of more than 20 million bloggers, 1.7 million are “profiting […]