Busy Reading

Not much weekend posting as too busy reading.

Read Paul Krugman’s The Great Unraveling. While the economic commentary is not enthralling, much of it shows that what Bush and the neocons are doing post 9-11 was presaged by their actions in the 2000 campaign and their economic policies. I only hope the dream expressed in his introduction occurs:

I have a vision–maybe just a hope–of a great revulsion: a moment in which the American people look at what is happening, realize how their good will and patriotism have been abused, and put a stop to this drive to destroy much of what is best in our country.

(As an aside, the introduction appears in the new issue of Rolling Stone. Talk about a schizophrenic publication. Two of the last three covers have been the Olsen Twins and Britney Spears. At the same time it’s excerpting Krugman and running stories on the effects of the depleted uranium shells the military uses and the actual troops involved in the ground war.)

Also finished Naked In Baghdad by Anne Garrells, NPR’s correspondent in Baghdad before and during the war. Not only is it an interesting read, it is a fairly objective view of what transpired there, although she forthrightly admits she had a limited window. It also looks at the people of Iraq and I think indicates why we are going to face problems as long as we are there.

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