Still vastly outnumbered

Here’s part of the reason I talk about being vastly outnumbered.

My legislature recently passed a resolution “recognizing the substantial public contribution of gun shows.” Among other things, it states gun shows not only “provide an invaluable community-based opportunity” for “law-abiding citizens” to exercise their constitutional rights, they “aspire to be wholesome family events that generate substantial positive economic and commercial impact for our cities, counties, and state.”

I know this is of no legal force and effect but I find it offensive that we use an elected body to promote a partisan agenda. What is even more offensive is that only one state senator voted against the resolution and it passed the House unanimously. I will attribute the general lack of intestinal fortitude to the fact it’s an election year.

The pending elections seem to bring out the “best” in the Legislature using its powers in a partisan fashion. Another prime example may be a bill outlawing abortion. Not only may passage cost the state $500,000 in legal fees defending a constitutional challenge even the Right-to-Life movement didn’t support the bill because it is convinced it will not withstand a constitutional challenge. Despite this, the House blithely passed the bill 54-14.

Regardless of where you’re at on the abortion issue, it seems ludicrous to talk about budget problems yet still be so willing to spend money to defend something you know is unconstitutional. Evidently, there’s no problem using tax dollars so certain legislators have something to point to in their reelection campaigns.

And as long as I’m at least tangentially on the subject of advocating inconsistent positions for partisan political gain, let’s note this. In passing the abortion bill, the House declared the Legislature “has a compelling and paramount interest in the preservation and protection of all human life within and subject to its jurisdiction.” The very same day, the Senate voted 27-8 to defeat a bill to repeal the death penalty.

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