Excellent question

From The Evening Standard

Serious questions were asked today over how four Britons could be held for two years in Guantanamo Bay – but completely cleared by British police in just 24 hours.

This is especially so when, as The Standard and others note, Bush and Rumsfeld and crew have said the Gitmo prisoners are

  • the worst of the worst, and if let out on the street, they will go back to the proclivity of trying to kill Americans and others.”
  • “very dangerous people.”
  • “among the most dangerous, best-trained, vicious killers on the face of the earth.”

This follows the story earlier in the week, noted below, about the teenagers recently released from Gitmo. It seems odd 12 and 13 year old boys would fall within these descriptions and I’m guessing British authorities wouldn’t let the recent releasees roam the streets if there was even a hint of truth to what the White House claimed.

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