As Things Crumble

Crumble may be too nice a word for what’s developing in Iraq. Because so much is happening, here’s a couple random thoughts and links.

  • I am not a big Bill Moyers fan. I do, though, recommend his new column on AlterNet. His comments that terrorism is worth fighting but the foot soldiers shouldn’t be the only ones paying the price harkens back to my earlier comments on The Great Dissipation. Some of his ideas go beyond what I think reasonable or possible, but overall a good point.
  • It seems Colin Powell is the latest in the Bush Administration delegated to tell us that criticizing the liar-in-chief is unpatriotic. See also the general review at Liberal Oasis. Powell criticized Ted Kennedy’s recent comments that Iraq is “George Bush’s Vietnam.” Powell says Kennedy “should be a little more restrained and careful in his comments because we are at war.” I find this ironic in light of the fact Bush just claimed how much “we love freedom.” If, as Bush now claims (post hoc because there were no WMDs or terrorism links), this war is to bring freedom and democracy to Iraq, maybe he and his minions should remember that critics are simply exercising rights for which our soldiers are supposedly dying in Iraq.

    To Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Wolfowitz, Cheney and Perle, to name a few: People are dying and our civil liberties are being trashed because you lied and misled a nation. You don’t give a damn about Iraq or freedom. All you care about is having and remaining in power. The fact American soldiers and Iraqis have to die along the way doesn’t bother you at all (except your fear that the body count adversely affects the election). There is a special place in hell reserved for all of you.

  • The Onion perfectly encapsulates the ongoing debate over Iraq. (Via Atrios).

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