Talking his way to indictment

This week’s race for biggest liar in the Bush administration is a tough one, what with both Bush and Cheney repeating their misleading statements about Iraq and al-Queda. But I think Rumsfeld jumped into the lead yesterday with a statement that gives more reason for arguing he should be indicted.

Rumsfeld at a DoD press briefing Thursday about why he ordered a delay in notifying the Red Cross or anyone that an individual was being detained:

The only reason for a delay in it that I can think of would be that your interest is in not interrupting an interrogation process of some kind.

From The Guardian: the detainee “has been held incommunicado until now, but questioned only once.”

From Thursday’s NY Times article on the incident:

[O]nce he was placed into custody at Camp Cropper, where about 100 detainees deemed to have the highest intelligence value are held, he received only one cursory arrival interrogation from military officers and was never again questioned by any other military or intelligence officers, according to Pentagon and intelligence officials.

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