Secrecy, terror and politics

Sporadic blogging at best next week or so but here’s something I’ve noticed recently.

The Bushies are considered the most secretive administration in US history. When someone from the Nixon White House says Bush tries to “govern by secrecy,” you gotta wonder. But look at all the top-notch intelligence info that’s been in the press the last week or so:

Recent terrorist “chatter” is raising concerns terrorists might try to attack the domestic food and drug supply.

Al Qaeda may attempt to launch attacks in U.S. cities using helicopters or rented limousines packed with explosives as weapons.

White House officials say the U.S. Capitol and top lawmakers are being targeted by al Qaeda.

Even a GOP website carries a story that al Qaeda’s next attack against the U.S. could involve the assassination of a high-ranking political figure.

No doubt it’s mere coincidence these “seeds of fear” stories ooze from a secrecy-obsessed administration about the same time the GOP is pushing the spin, a vote for Kerry is what the terrorists want.

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