Strange bedfellows

The old adage that politics makes for strange bedfellows appears to be true for the Thune campaign.

Wednesday, Thune’s campaign ran full page ads in the Rapid City Journal and the Argus Leader reprinting a January 2003 article that basically said Tom Daschle didn’t run for president because he couldn’t survive scrutiny of his wife’s lobbying. The author of the article was Doug Ireland. Who is Doug Ireland?

According to the biography on his blog, “Doug has been proudly out of the closet as a gay man since 1973, and has written extensively about gay political issues. His partner of a dozen years, Herve Coeurgou, died of AIDS eight years ago.”

Given Thune’s religious right, anti-gay leanings, I wonder if he was aware of the author’s background? Methinks Doug Ireland proably is not pleased about being used by Thune and that he will be commenting in the near future on his blog.

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