An honest State of the Union address

My fellow Americans.

My administration has and will continue to effectuate a foreign policy that has left us isolated in the community of nations, undermined our national security and done nothing to address the underlying reasons for and causes of terrorism and nuclear proliferation.

We have weakened our military and left the blood of our children oozing into the soil of a foreign land that posed no threat to us. We fostered a culture of deceit and lawlessness that rationalizes the use of torture and the rejection of the laws, treaties and moral principles by which honorable nations are governed.

We have combined the cost of our foreign adventures with a budgetary and tax policy that exposes the US to international economic ruin in the name of an “ownership society.” In so doing, we have ensured massive tax cuts for my “base” by saddling your children and their children with almost immeasurable debt.

We have abdicated scientific and social policy-making to the evangelical right to ensure that their ideas and concepts are advanced. We will base all decision-making on the concept that if you do not agree with our religious views, you are a terrorist, a traitor or both.

I will make every effort to nominate Supreme Court and other members of the federal judiciary who will carry out the agenda of corporate America and the evangelical right. Neither qualification nor capabilities shall stand in the way of this goal.

We have sacrificed personal and civil liberties and targeted religious and ethnic minorities in the name of promoting “homeland security” while refusing to allocate the necessary funds to provide true safety to our nation and citizens.

Put concisely, the state of our nation is a dire one and becoming worse each day. Yet thanks to a razor-thin “majority,” I claim political capital that allows me to invoke the concepts of God, country, freedom, 9/11 and values to impose these policies upon a country that is getting exactly what that majority brought upon it.

Pray for our nation. God knows it needs it.

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