Book Review: The Trial of Prisoner 043 by Terry Jastrow

A popular bit of humor about Trump’s presidency is that George W. Bush is thrilled he’ll no longer be the worst president in U.S. history. Bush, in fact, was ranked the worst of our presidents by 61 percent of historians responding to a 2008 informal poll, in significant part because of the 2003 invasion of […]

Somebody PLEASE tell me this is only hype

Perhaps ironically apropos for Banned Books Week is the following: “When author J.K. Rowling was proposed as a recipient for the Presidential Medal of Freedom, [President George W.] Bush nixed the idea because Rowling’s Harry Potter series ‘encouraged witchcraft.’”

Truly a WTF??? moment. Now whether Bush himself canned the idea is open to debate. The […]

Book Review: The Challenge by Jonathan Mahler

Writing a book about a case that works its way to the U.S. Supreme Court poses inherent problems for an author. Perhaps the most difficult is putting the story in terms the average reader can understand while not bungling or giving too short shrift to legal complexities. This is especially so when the author is […]

Impeachment politics and the Bar

Politics are undoubtedly a primary topic of debate in bars around the country. It is extremely rare, though, when a political issue becomes a formal topic of debate and discussion for the South Dakota Bar Association. Yet that will be the case when a resolution dealing with the impeachment of Bush and Cheney will be […]

Another disconnect from the education president

While I still try to avoid politics here, sometimes it invades the realm I’m more intent on carving out. Via three percent, I learn of this story in Publishers Weekly:

President Bush’s proposed 2009 budget eliminates all the funding for Reading Is Fundamental’s book distribution program that has, since 1966, provided more than 325 million […]