SD blog observations

If you haven’t seem them already, here’s a couple items that are worth the time:

  • While I think the “Gannon” controversy is pushing the envelope of a legitimate lifepsan, here’s a more historical analysis where ethically challenged is a kind description. (Via Dakota Today).

  • Hats off to Trent for taking a closer look at the SD right’s most petulant blogger.

And two personal observations that are tangentially related.

First, I am always somewhat surprised at the SD bloggers (although perhaps more on the right than the left) who post incessantly. Seems sad that so much of their life is spent staring at a computer screen and pounding away on a keyboard. Maybe they need a real life or, if they believe they have one, need to consider perspective and the role of family.

Second, anyone else find it interesting that it’s a politically active college faculty member/blogger who is among those pointing people to attacks on Ward Churchill? You’d think a public employee who spends so much time blogging and promoting only one point of view might have an interest in academic freedom.

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