The Revealer

Although I’ve been reading it for a long time and it’s in my daily RSS feed, I just recently added The Revealer to the links list. The last week or so is an indication of why it’s now linked.

First, there is Garret Keizer’s inquiry, “Is the media Catholic?” (which could surely apply to the ink the Argus gives the Catholic Church). In actuality, this is an cogent analysis about the schizophrenia of the media.

In addition to pieces like this, the site contains links like this one to someone raising the question of whether singing “God Bless America” at Yankee Stadium is compulsory. Or this one, which raises an issue I wondered about back in Catholic grade school: isn’t the term “Holy Ghost” kind of scary?

It is a pleasure to see analysis of religion in the media and the mainstream discussed and evaluated without preconceived notions or a particular agenda.

[God] way well have his reasons, but he seems to use a lot of psychotics to carry out his job orders.

Fox Mulder, All Souls (The X Files)

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