London police: Oops, my bad

Remember the Brazilian man mistakenly shot in the head seven times by London police last month? Well, it seems the initial reports were wrong. He was not wearing a bulky coat but a denim jacket. He did not refuse to stop when challenged. He did not leap over the turnstiles to enter the station but used a pass. (Seems the man seen vaulting over the turnstiles was a plain clothes police officer). Rather than running from police, he simply walked casually towards the train platform.

And remember all the closed circuit TV pictures used to identify suspects in the earlier bombings and bombing attempts in the London Tube? Even though dozens of cameras covered the entries, escalators, platforms and trains where this man was shot, “police now say most of the cameras were not working.”

Oh well, just another darker skinned casualty of the war on terror, global extremism or whatever we’re calling it this month. (Big hat tip to Scott Esposito at Conversational Reading).

“I am not certain the tactic we have is the right tactic, but it is the best we have found so far.”

London Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair on the “shoot to kill” policy

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