Cruise blogging

A quick personal note and check-in. As I write this, I sit on the deck of a cruise ship southwest of Cuba and east of Mexico. Since later this week marks the 20th anniversary of when I began practicing law, I am in the midst of something I have never done in those 20 years — taking a two-week family vacation.

Don’t get me wrong. I have previously taken advantage of what our firm calls an “extended vacation,” a four-week block of time we get on a rotation basis every few years. But with the kids older and starting to leave the nest, I thought maybe we should at least once take a two-week family vacation. So, after battling the crowds in the rat kingdom (aka Disney World) we are now on a western Caribbean cruise with beach time, Mayan ruins and relaxation.

Thus, there has been and will be little to see here. In fact, what I am paying for internet access (via ship satellite) is the equivalent of a couple months of broadband access at home. But knowing there is access to e-mail and the like makes things a bit easier for everyone — especially the kids, who are going through withdrawal since they can’t text their friends on their cell phones. Seems there’s no cell towers in the middle of the Caribbean.

A book review or two have and will appear due to prior commitments but little else. I didn’t come here to spend time online and don’t plan to use my internet minutes keeping up too much with the outside world. That can wait until I get back — assuming I don’t jump ship somewhere along the line.

Old and young, we are all on our last cruise.

Robert Louis Stevenson, Crabbed Age and Youth

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