Thanks John

Usually, it’s the political items that bring visitors to this piece of the blogosphere’s backwoods. Never, however, underestimate the power of science fiction.

John Scalzi posted a one word link (“these”) on his blog of my review of his Hugo-nominated Old Man’s War. Within less than six hours, my blog received as many hits as it normally gets over the course of a couple days. The trend continues today, with the visits as of this posting also exceeding a couple normal days.

And I have since also learned that Scalzi wrote the first post for and named Blogcritics, the online magazine for which I write virtually all of my reviews. I suppose I should thank him for that outlet for my hobby.

Finally, I want to once again plug and recommend Scalzi’s “Being Poor,” which I mentioned here when he posted it last September.

Being poor is people who have never been poor wondering why you choose to be so.

John Scalzi, Being Poor

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