Apparent trouble in = More lies

Seems like there may be more dissension in On Friday, the South Dakota J.A.I.L.ers added to the bottom of each page of their web site: “NOTE: This is the only official website for South Dakota Amendment E.” (Bold in original). It then links to a disclaimer that states in part:

This is the only official website for South Dakota Amendment E.South Dakota Judicial Accountability (SDJA) authored Amendment E, collected the signatures, and put the Judicial Accountability Amendment on the 2006 ballot. There is no other organization or person more accountable, or more qualified, to address issues pertaining to Amendment E than the staff at SDJA.

If you read something representing a PRO Amendment E position on another website, please verify the information against the information on this site.

(Italics in original).

The disclaimer reflects J.A.I.L.’s seeming compulsion to lie about everything. Unless South Dakota J.A.I.L. is the same as Californian Ron Branson and his Jail4Judges organization, the claim that South Dakota J.A.I.L. “authored” the measure is laughably false.

South Dakota Bill Stegmeier admitted long ago that the initiative came from Branson, who wrote the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.). The Jail4Judges web site has said for months that J.A.I.L. was “customized for each state” and gave a link to the South Dakota J.A.I.L. site on which the disclaimer now appears for South Dakota’s version. The site also has long said: “Our pioneer state for the passage of J.A.I.L. is South Dakota where we expect victory in November 2006.”

Then there is the May 26, 2005, e-mail titled “New and final version of the South Dakota Initiative” Branson wrote to Stegmeier and Gary Zerman (a California lawyer and co-founder of Jail4Judges listed by Stegmeier as being in charge of South Dakota J.A.I.L.’s “media relations”).

Bill and Gary, here is our work in its final form ready to be filed. FINALLY! It is best to use the attachment version because it has all the proper print size & style. (Use the below pasted only for verbiage.)

The only changes made before the “final version” was filed with the Secretary of State was altering some paragraph designations from the letters (a)-(x) to the numbers (1)-(23). And those changes came only after an exchange of letters with the Legislative Research Council.

Just recently, Branson posted a comment to an online article from the Pierre Capital Journal. The post begins, “As the author of Amendment E, it is appropriate that I be given the opportunity to rebutt [sic] the above article[.]” The comment is “signed” at the beginning and end as Ron Branson, “Author of Amendment E.”

Did this lead to the disclaimer or is South Dakota J.A.I.L. also disavowing others? South Dakota J.A.I.L.ers previously tried to distance themselves from Branson. But what about Bonnie Russell, the “publicist” who created the Amendment E website when the “split” from Branson was announced (and which she so graciously registered in the name of her own organization)? Or how about the Amendment E site on MySpace? As an interesting aside, Jake Hanes has followed Stegmeier’s lead when it comes to openness and accountability. Now that the extremism shown on his MySpace site has been exposed, he has made it “private.” [NOTE comment below.] [UPDATE 2: Jake can’t make up his mind.]

Isn’t it interesting how South Dakota J.A.I.L.ers never want to be accountable themselves and keep running from the truth?

Factions are a sign of illness in [an organization].

Ernest Mandel

4 comments to Apparent trouble in = More lies

  • Anonymous

    Well, looks like Hanes has made his MySpace profile public again. In your face!! I suppose he thinks it a display of bravery. It’s really quite stupid because what it reveals only hurts his “cause.” SD should be embarrassed by this cluster of social rejects that have pushed themselves into the public light under the guise of championing its citizens’ rights. What these JAILers seek is to escape their own accountability. Stegmeier’s tax problems are just the tip of the iceberg. There are JAILers that seek to evade child support orders and criminal prosecutions. SD needs to take this fringe group seriously and expose the lies they spread and the true motivation of Amendment E’s campaigners.

  • Anonymous

    Note again: its back to private. Is Hanes waivering in his convictions or just incredibly immature? Clearly he is creepy…on his profile he compares himself to Stalin and advertises his leadership in a group of individuals that consider themselves sociopaths. If this is just all in jest, why in the world would Hanes use his real name on his profile and make it public (sometimes)?? It is perplexing that a man at his age would lack such common sense. I really hope SD doesn’t have too many convicts with a bone to pick that will follow this Stegmeier cult. Shudder.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Jake is just screwing with you? I’D put money on it

  • Anonymous

    That’s what I’d guess – that Jake is just “screwing with you.” But, I think that goes to the point on his apparent lack of maturity and common-sense. Because really, he’s just shooting himself in the foot. As the good, intelligent people of SD get wind of this guy’s antics (just put that profile back up to public, Hanes), I can only imagine there will be a HUGE anti-Amendment E following. If this guy really gave a crap about making Amendment E happen, he might take a lesson or two on public relations. Like, keeping that myspace profile private, and posting NON-ANONYMOUS comments on sites like these to address peoples’ concerns about E. That’d be a start towards helping his cause. Otherwise, it’s probably only a matter of time before Stegmeier kicks that one to the curb too.