NPR on Amendment E

For those of you checking in as a result of Nina Totenberg’s story about Amendment E on today’s Morning Edition, welcome. It also led to hearing from long lost college friends (Hi, Paul) and former newsroom compatriots (Hi, Gordon.)

For those who did not hear the story, here is a synopsis and the audio. And it did produce further admissions about the scope of the proposal. South Dakota Bill Stegemeier told Totenberg that Amendment E can and should be used by convicted felons to sue judges if they don’t like their prison sentence! (I also take it by his latest comment that the NPR story left Bill in a rather sour mood.)

The power given felons is one of the things that leads one of my favorite local ranters (using that term in its most positive sense) to come out against Amendment E. And speaking of local bloggers, thanks to my friend MinusCar man for his comments.

A paranoid approach is recognizable in the actions of certain political groups…. These extremist political groups emphasize the inefficiency, corruptness and malice of those in power.

David W. Swanson, et. al, The Paranoid

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