Stegmeier working on the next ballot initiative

He’s back at it. Even before voters have expressed their views on Amendment E (J.A.I.L.), South Dakota Bill Stegmeier is working to put another extremist idea before the voters.

Gene Chapman is running for president in 2008. Who is Gene Chapman? He is an individual behind such concepts as the “Slave Freedom/Mark of The Beast Class Action Law Suit.” Chapman comes from one of Stegmeier’s favorite group of people — tax protestors. In fact, Stegmeier’s former blog site is at the top of the list of “Friendly Links” at Chapman’s “Slave Freedom Movement” website and, before he pulled it down, Stegmeier’s blog contained many of the ideas Chapman supports. I’ll talk about Chapman’s presidential platform in a bit but let’s first explore his connection to South Dakota.

The following comes from a post yesterday on Chapman’s presidential campaign blog:

I spent yesterday on the phone with Bill Stegmeier, whose “Amendment E” was talked about generally on C-SPAN last night by the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. I also spoke with Dr. [Robert] Clarkson. Stegmeier will help me after the November 7 elections on the formation of a state level Anti-Communist Act/ Amendment. Dr. Clarkson has agreed to sign his name to the legislation for the South Carolina Anti-Communist Act/ Amendment and Stegmeier may do so for the South Dakota Anti-Communist Act/ Amendment.The act will be designed to outlaw the use of tax dollars for the imposition of all Communist activities (i. e. imposition of property taxes, income taxes, secular public schools, gun control laws, central banking, farm controls, etc., etc.).

Other items of the Anti-Communist Act/Amendment include prohibiting the use of tax dollars to support “industrial armies,” “population control” and “counting people like cattle.”

In a post today, Chapman said Clarkson, also a tax protestor and a disbarred lawyer, advised there is no ballot initiative process in South Carolina. As a result, “the state level Anti-Communist Act/ Amendment will have to be in a state like . . . South Dakota, a place where our efforts will have a population to support the effort.” So, it seems Stegmeier thinks that after being a test tube for trying to gut the judicial system and state and local government, South Dakota should be a test case to abolish all taxes and public schools. Soon, South Dakota will go from being a test case to being considered a nut case.

Think I’m taking things out of context? Let’s get back to Chapman’s presidential campaign platform, in which the Anti-Communist Act/Amendment is plank two. Here’s some of its planks (I have underlined a few of its more bizarre aspects).

B) To protect 1st Amendment Religious Liberty, abolish all ten planks of “The Communist Manifesto” and associated communist activities. ….Ten Planks of “The Communist Manifesto”:
1. Property taxes and Eminent Domain Laws.
2. Income Taxes.
3. Inheritance Taxes.
4. Confiscation of Property from Emigrants and Those The Government Dislikes.
5. Federal Reserve Banking to Empower Deficit Spending.
6. FCC and Interstate Commerce Commission.
7. Farm Controls.
8. WPA, CCC and Peace Corps.
9. Population Control Laws.
10. Secular Public Schools.

* * *

E) Abolish state sanctioned marriage, making state sanctioned gay/ straight marriage a moot issue, while putting marriage back into the hands of the individual, the church and God where it belongs.

F) Legalize smoking in one’s own vehicle; shut down all open container laws, state camera and GPS chip monitoring of our people; highways, street corners, etc., as a matter of personal liberty.

* * *

I) Appoint a White House Commission to examine the “9/11 Controlled Demolition Evidence,” as such prominent credentialed experts/ professors are now demanding this attention. (MIT Doctoral Candidate Rick Rajter: Campaign’s “9/11 Advisor”).

J) Do away with the Death Penalty and replace it with a policy of removing the convicted criminal’s body parts (all or some) that were involved in the commission of a violent crime, releasing the person back into society once healed. (Judges will have great discression [sic] in this approach, ending the torture of long jail terms, as well.)

K) Place Illegal Immigration under the control of local sheriffs’ [sic], and fund them. Invite Mexico and Canada into the union if they like, then impose a one year county jail term on illegal aliens, picking up trash on our highways before deportation.

L) To restore benevolence functions to the church and the individual where it belongs and stop state control of our personal lives, shut down all Social Security Administration activities, returning all monies paid in plus 10% compounded interest (the average of all interest rates).

M) The King Solomon Solution: As King Solomon proposed the division of the item in dispute between two people while allowing neither the upper hand, so I propose that the international community buy out the Jews and Palestinians and move their land on barges to opposite ends of the earth to shut down the conflict. This will allow a two state solution at a distance. It is the only solution short of unending war between the parties that does not seem to me to violate the religions of any party.

N) As a matter of improved highway safety and transportation utilization, lower all highway grades by 2%; increase fine to $3,000 for 14 hour rule violations, divided evenly between truck driver, trucking company and shipper. (I also propose an option to allow over-the-road drivers to select a 12 hour on duty/ 12 hour off duty, with no 70 hour rule approach to driving, with three 24 hour periods off duty minimum per month.)

O) Abolish voluntary servitude coercion by the U. S. Government by passing the Slave Freedom Amendment. [Note: This is evidently related to the Slave Freedom/Mark of the Beast lawsuit mentioned above.]

P) Require by law all public officials, elected and otherwise, to blog all official daily activities, allowing reader comments in order to maintain a two way dialogue between We The People of The United States and our servant government.

* * *.

R) The Elder Court System: To return law back to the community, I propose to return most or all of the American court system back over to supervision by religious and other communities in the local areas where the crimes and many of the criminals reside, so an individual may be tried and judged by those holding the same theistic or non-theistic values as the accused.

S) The Checkerboard Plan: If a world conflict is serious enough to risk the life of one American footsoldier, it’s big enough to use a nuclear bomb, I say. Therefore, I propose to call our troops home from the 130 countries around the world where they are now, reassign footsoldiers to other jobs and form a global nuclear web, allowing the President and other top military personel [sic] to target and destroy 50 quare [sic] mile areas of the planet, when absolutly [sic] required to stop a larger problem. (This should all but end low level conventional tinkering by the U. S. Government around the world.)

T) Explore the legalization of marijuana with a White House Commission headed by Michael Badnarik.

* * *

W) The Cuban Plan: Offer full U.S. Citizenship to all Cuban Exiles in the Unites States and to all political and religious prisoners in Cuban jails, then provide free guns, boats, planes, etc. to anyone who wants to go to Cuba to free our jailed citizens.

* * *

Y) The Five Senses Plan: I propose that any American public servant, elected or otherwise, found guilty of imposing one or more of the ten planks of “The Communist Manifesto” upon another uncondemned person shall have all five senses removed, allowed to heal [sic] and returned into society.

This give you any clue about the mentality behind Amendment E and the types of laws and institutions its proponents want to attack if they get the proposal’s special grand jury up and running?

According to Amendment E’s California publicist, South Dakota’s J.A.I.L.ers distanced themselves from JAIL4Judges founder Ron Branson because he was “clownishly” entertaining. If this is how Stegmeier shows he is, according to that publicist, just “a regular American, wanting to do the right thing,” we’ve moved far beyond clownish entertainment.

[T]o pay the income tax, property tax, use a social security number, send children to a secular public school, utilize Federal Reserve Banking, pay estate taxes, obey farm controls and gun control/ licensing laws, etc., found in “The Communist Manifesto” and associated Communist materials is to commit idolatry for the American Christian.

Gene Chapman’s letter to “American Christians” inviting them to join
the “Slave Freedom/Mark of The Beast Class Action Law Suit”

5 comments to Stegmeier working on the next ballot initiative

  • So that makes everyone fighting the “Anti-Communist Act” a communist??

    If nothing else, Bill Stegemier et. al. have served to bring progressives and conservatives together. We can’t agree on much, but I love that we can agree that both J.A.I.L and whatever else Bill has up his sleeve is the worst thing to happen to South Dakota……..ever.

  • I am from SD and boy is it getting weird there. Thanks for being the lone brave voice amongst all that strageness. On an unrelated note, how was Cormac McCarthy’s Road? I love his writing.

  • Goofballs like “A big Fat Liberal” need to stay on point. You guys have enough to worry about with the likelihood of Amendment E passing without getting worked up over my paranoid but well meaning aquaintance Gene Chapman. And wow, what sort of conspiracy theory groupie would take the time to read all that material from Chapman’s site that you re-posted here? Did you guys read it? Just kidding, of course you didn’t. But as I said, lets stay on point. The election is right around the corner. Amendment E may pass, and maybe it won’t. I really don’t care. Boys, (and Girls) the fact of the matter is the judicial accountability ball is rolling, and it won’t stop regardless of the outcome of the 2006 election. Check out what’s on the ballot in Colorado: and the big fuss in Montana:
    For the record, if Amendment E fails, I’ll be back in 2008. And with a more bullet proof amendment, now that I know all your hot buttons. And you know, judges being judges, by 2008 there will that many more people screwed by judicial misconduct to help pass a new and improved Amendment E! Your prized “doctrine of judicial immunity” is a dead man walking.
    Have a nice day. Bill Stegmeier

  • Tim

    To a big liberal: Evidently the answer is yes (

    To angie: I liked it and am hoping to get a review up one of these days (along with about two or three others!) His writing here is a sparse and stark as the story he is telling.

  • Anonymous

    I think Bill Stegmeier’s post needs to be published in the papers so the voters can read it.