Horn blowing time

Just when you wonder whether anybody really gives a rip about any of the stuff you blog about, you get at least some reinforcement.

First, although it seemed to gather no notice in the South Dakota blogosphere, my post on credentialing bloggers did attract the attention of CBS News. As you’ll see in a comment to that post, it ended up being mentioned in that organization’s Blogophile column by Melissa McNamara.

Shortly before seeing that comment, I learned of a nice e-mail Marty Callaghan sent the publisher of Blogcritics about my review on that site of his documentary, Blood and Oil – The Middle East in World War I. Callaghan wrote:

I want to thank you and Tim Gebhart for his excellent review of “Blood and Oil.” As the program’s writer and producer, I felt it was important to provide the public with a “primer” on Middle Eastern military and political history, to offer a context for events occurring today. I appreciated Mr. Gebhart’s insightful comments, and your decision to publish them.

Wow, “insightful comments.” Maybe that history minor didn’t go to waste. If not, credit goes to now retired Jerry Sweeney, one of the best college professors I ever had.

We are prepared for insults, but compliments leave us baffled.

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