Delayed marginalia

Saturday’s laptop adventure delayed posting some of this material because, of course, the file that I saved the links in was on the desktop of that computer in a part of the screen I could not see and it would have opened in another part of that area. It is also delayed due to the addition of a new dog to the household.

  • The first A+ grade shows up at The Complete Review in nearly 1300 past book reviews.
  • Iowa author Mike Palecek has launched his own blog, Is This Heaven? Although I part ways with Mike on his support of the “9/11 Truth Movement,” I have long had so much respect for his outspokenness that his blog has been added to the blogroll.
  • Writer David Louis Edelman comes up with a list of introductory SF books for “literary readers.” (Via.)
  • Blogger John W. Bjerk has posted an “exhaustive or monstrous” Excel spreadsheet of award-winning SF. (Also via.) As an aside, I’ve read 30 percent of the nearly 290 novels on the list.
  • A British columnist asks if we really want to search for ET. (Via.)

The dog has seldom been successful in pulling Man up to its level of sagacity, but Man has frequently dragged the dog down to his.

James Thurber, Thurber’s Dogs

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  • Thanks for the promotion.

    Please note, there was a signficant error in the calculating of the percentages, which however didn’t effect the novels. I’ve fixed that and added some new info.