Stop banging your heads against the wall

I was going to join most of the blogosphere with an extended post/rant/diatribe on Bush commuting Scooter Libby’s prison sentence. Then I realized that Bush, Cheney, their administration and their supporters could care less about the concept of justice or the rule of law. The Bushies will do what they want, when they want and the American people will do nothing about it.

Lying us into the Iraq morass. Unauthorized and illegal domestic spying. Elevating politics over science. Even creating new branches of government to hide information. There has never been another administration — even Tricky Dick’s — that has so intentionally sacrificed the rule of law, constitutional rights and the democratic process for political and even personal gain. On the one occasion where they are held accountable by a jury and judge, they just wash it away.  (Anybody who thinks the money to pay Libby’s defense costs and fine isn’t coming from Bush and Cheney’s friends has been dipping into Afghanistan’s never larger opium crop.)

Fuck ’em. After all, that’s all they’ve done to the American people and the world over the last six years. But given our current two-party system and the fact the American public is more interested in Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith than what these jackals do, we’ve probably got the government we deserve. The political bloggers can keep banging their heads against the wall all they want. Like the concept of the public good, it has been and will continue to be irrelevant.

He allowed himself to occupy the narrow ledge of belieflessness.

Karen Joy Fowler, Sarah Canary

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  • Gina

    Ha, what an outrage. You fail to remember what the previous president did for political and personal gain.

    Let me remind you and make sure you go out and vote for Billary Clinton this time too. If you didn’t get enough raping the first time, vote them in again.

    In total, President Clinton issued 456 executive clemency orders – 395 pardons and 61 commutations – between 1993 and January 20, 2001. The vast majority were issued in the last three years of his presidency – 176 (140 pardons, 36 commutations) were issued on his last day in office.

    He pardoned the former head of the CIA for improper storage and leak — and very likely leaking of national security information. He pardoned a drug kingpin, who has been convicted of murder. He pardoned a group of Hasidic Jews in New York that have bilked the government of over $40 million.

    Four of them had been “convicted of robbing the government of $11,000,000, by setting up a fictitious yeshiva to receive federal student aid money.” The school did not even exist. The convicts and their attorneys justified their actions “on the grounds that . . . the funds were channeled back into the community. lol